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Legal Documents

April 24, 2024

At Exness, we prioritize transparency and security in our trading operations. Our comprehensive set of legal documents serves as the foundation for trust and reliability between Exness and our valued clients. These documents are designed to clearly outline the terms and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring a fair and secure trading environment.

Key Exness Legal Documents

  • Client Agreement

This is the cornerstone of our legal framework, detailing the general terms under which we offer our services. It defines the relationship between Exness and our clients, setting out the rights and responsibilities of each party. Whether you’re a new or seasoned trader, understanding this agreement is crucial as it covers essential aspects of our trading services.

  • General Business Terms

These terms are detailed and cover operational aspects of trading with us. From order execution to the specifics of handling various financial instruments, these terms provide clarity on the day-to-day trading operations at Exness, ensuring that traders know exactly what to expect when they engage with our platforms.

  • Partnership Agreement

For our affiliates and business partners, this agreement lays out the framework for collaboration. It includes details on commission structures, the responsibilities of each party, and other key terms necessary for maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Credit/Bonus Terms and Conditions

This section elaborates on any promotional offers, such as credits or bonuses, that Exness might provide. It is important for clients to understand how these offers work, including the eligibility criteria and the conditions attached to these bonuses.

  • Complaints Procedure for Clients

Exness is committed to maintaining high standards of service. However, should there be any dissatisfaction, this document outlines the procedure for filing complaints. It ensures that all grievances are addressed promptly and fairly, maintaining our commitment to client satisfaction.

  • Confidentiality Policy

The security of client information is paramount at Exness. This policy details our practices regarding the collection, use, and protection of personal information, underscoring our commitment to the privacy and security of our clients.

  • Importance of Staying Informed

We regularly update our legal documents to reflect changes in regulatory requirements and our business practices. It is essential for clients to stay informed about these updates as they can impact trading conditions and the use of our platform.

The legal documents of Exness form a critical part of our relationship with you, the client. They ensure that both parties understand their rights and obligations, contributing to a transparent, fair, and secure trading environment. We encourage all clients to review these documents carefully to fully understand the scope and nature of our services.

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