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Exness: Broker for Online Trading and Forex.

Exness: Broker for Online
Trading and Forex

Exness, a prominent online trading leader, distinguishes itself in the industry by providing clients with diverse assets, innovative trading strategies, convenient transaction execution methods, and optimal leverage options, making it a top choice for individuals making daily investments seeking consistent profits.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people make investments aimed at generating consistent profits. The income and effectiveness of their activities largely depend on the choice of a forex broker, which provides access to financial instruments. One of the largest brokerage companies, Exness, a leader in online trading, offers its clients a variety of assets, new trading strategies, convenient methods for executing transactions and making deals. Among similar platforms, Exness stands out with optimal leverage options, competitive pricing spreads for buy and sell orders, and a leading position in the industry.

Trading with Exness

The sphere of the international foreign exchange market is complex. To navigate it well, it’s not enough to just know the trading rules or understand the essence of trading. Success is formed through collaboration with the right forex broker. Among the many regulated brokers, Exness ranks in the top ten as the most famous, reliable, and successful forex broker, offering a wide range of services and investment products with global reach. The broker is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced traders, regardless of their level. For those looking for the optimal combination of performance and pricing policy, Exness is worth considering.

The broker is attractive with its advanced trading platform, clear interface, rich selection of assets, and advanced tools. This enables it to meet the needs of traders and maintain an impeccable reputation. Adding value is the fact that the company is officially regulated, ensuring strict compliance with client interests. Utilizing the company’s services is quite simple, either by contacting a local Exness representative in your region or through the official website, where you can also familiarize yourself with the list of services and a detailed resume of the broker.

Trading with Exness.
🏢 Founded2008
🏛️ HeadquartersLimassol, Cyprus
👥 Number of ClientsOver 1 Million
📊 Available InstrumentsForex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Cryptocurrencies
🔒 RegulationsFCA, CySEC, FSA, and more
🔄 Total Trade VolumeOver $3.5 Trillion
💻 PlatformsMT4, MT5, Web Terminal, Trade App
🌐 Languages Supported15+ including English, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic
🏆 AwardsOver 15 international accolades for service excellence and innovation
📲 Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

Exness Trading Platforms

  • Saving the history of transactions, which allows for analyzing the effectiveness of trading activities.
  • Generating reports for statistics, and the ability to place them into a spreadsheet.
  • Opening accounts and managing them. The ability to switch between real and demo accounts.
  • Testing strategies for their effectiveness, using historical quotation data.
  • Knowing the cost of assets in real-time. Receiving news and information about quotes from the broker, who in turn learns them from liquidity providers.
  • Assessing the market condition for any period, both past and present. For this, the platform has the main tools, using which one can conduct graphical and technical analysis.
  • Opening orders to the dealer for the purchase or sale of currency, or for conducting other operations, as well as closing the order.

Exness Trading Application

The application was developed by Exness. It is intended for the broker’s clients and ensures uninterrupted access to the account. The application needs to be downloaded to manage created accounts. It is available for mobile devices based on Android and iOS, for using the MetaTrader 4 and MT 5 trading platforms on personal computers with Windows. Installing Exness application does not require special efforts and follows this algorithm of actions:

  1. Download the file for program installation.
  2. In the browser, run the installation file. Or double-click the file from the resource it was downloaded from.
  3. Press the “Settings” button to adjust the file for convenient use. If everything is satisfactory, proceed further to accept the terms of the user agreement.
  4. After the file is installed, click on the “Done” key and open the program.
  5. For the first entry to the trading platform through the application, close the window with the inscription “Open Account” by pressing the “Cancel” button. A new window for authorization will appear, where you need to enter the login and password.
Exness Trade App.

In the application, users can switch accounts:

  • Go to the trading account, press “File”.
  • Enter another trading account, using its number and the corresponding server.
  • The transition process can be accelerated by checking the box under the “Save account data” function.

In the Exness application, traders can manage instruments, add them, or delete the unnecessary ones. This is done using the Market Watch section, where specific symbols are selected from the list offered. Clients of Exness can open and close orders, clicking on the toolbar window with a new mandate.

Exness Web Terminal

For the convenience of clients, the Exness web terminal was created, which is simple to use, opening in a browser and not requiring the installation of software on a PC. Thus, users have at their disposal all the capabilities and functions of the desktop version of trading platforms. Here are just the basic functions of the Exness web terminal:

  • Speed of use. No need to perform extra actions, spend time on downloading and installation. Just enter the account number, specify the name of the trading platform it is registered on, type in the login and password in the window. You can start using the Exness web terminal.
  • Placement of pending orders and other types of trading orders.
  • By default, twenty trading instruments are already installed. Their list can be expanded, following the instructions.
  • Opening a new position and a mandate to the broker for any type of transaction, carried out by submitting an order. The functionality simplifies the process of opening, which can be done in one click. To place other orders, you will need to fix them with the mouse and drag them onto the chart.

Clients of the company note the Exness WebTerminal as convenient and easy to manage, as it is not difficult for them to use.

Exness MetaTrader WebTerminal.

Exness MetaTrader 4

In its field, MetaTrader 4 is popular as a functional and convenient trading platform. For many years, it has been one of the best and most reliable platforms, providing access to all accounts and orders. The platform has a concise interface, designed not to distract the trader from their trading actions. It has no unnecessary elements, is equipped with a convenient control panel, and correctly displays all information. At any stage of trading relations, Exness MetaTrader 4 can be used on a PC or laptop, tablet, or phone. All client data is protected by a modern security system supported by a multi-level encryption key. The trading platform offers advanced tools for customizing technical indicators and building charts, for manual and algorithmic trading, and other possibilities.

Exness MetaTrader 4 (MT4).
  • Thirty built-in tools that show the boundaries of the trading range and are displayed on the price chart in the form of moving lines.
  • Two types of order execution – market and limit.
  • The function of automating the trading process. The trader sets certain rules for the computer, and it executes them. The trader’s participation is not required, freeing them from performing complex and meticulous analysis. This increases the efficiency of trading.
  • In real-time mode, rates are updated. This allows the trader to learn the most current information and use it for profitable transactions.

Exness MetaTrader 5

The Exness MetaTrader 5 trading platform is an improved version of the fourth iteration. It has additional features and new tools. Traders prefer MT 5, appreciating the customizable coordinate system, which made it simple to select a profitable trend and make the right decisions. The fifth version also made additional types of orders available.

  • Thirty-eight built-in indicators and more than twenty tools.
  • Clients have access to more than twenty chart scales. They can choose the timeframe, guided by the characteristics of the deal and trading conditions. The trading platform offers timeframes for all types of traders: long-term, medium-term, short-term, scalpers.
  • On MT 5, many practice fundamental analysis, which is of great importance and is based on the general state of the financial market. Users of the trading platform can apply it to study news messages in the field of economics, and the economic calendar. Fundamental analysis is used to assess the actual value of assets.
  • The application of trading strategy languages, to eliminate routine operations and automate trading processes.

The improved version of the trading platform supports all devices and trading styles. The program can be installed on a phone, and you can access your account using your Exness account.

Exness MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

Start Online Trading on Exness com

The company has provided all advanced options of multifunctional trading platforms. The trader needs to register on such a platform, go through the account confirmation procedure. Concluding a contract with a broker is a mandatory process. Online trading also requires a working device with good internet. With the development of technology, trading has become significantly easier and faster. It is now possible to choose trading strategies and use all available instruments.

Before creating an account, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the terms of the user agreement to understand the possible risks. The broker is not responsible for financial expenses but provides trading instruments for various types of assets. These include not only fiat currency but also crypto, stocks, energy, and metals.

Registration on Exness

The broker offers several types of accounts. The client chooses the most suitable option from the ones offered.

  • Standard Account. A universal account that is suitable for traders of any level, regardless of their trading experience. Characterized by practicality and simplicity of execution, as well as modest deposit requirements. For a standard account, quick execution of orders, numerous instruments, and trading with all possible assets are typical. Both beginners and professional traders can earn serious money through investment forecasting and competitive spreads. They are also attracted by the low commission and optimal conditions for transactions.
  • Cent Account. Suitable for novice traders or those who prefer not to take big risks in trading. They can conduct operations in cents, trade with a minimum price lot, manage investments with a small volume of bets. This type of account is suitable for those who want to try different trading strategies without the risk of financial losses.
  • Exness Pro Account. Meets the requirements of experienced traders, offering an impeccable combination of no commission and low spreads. Professionals choose an account with which they can trade in any style, open orders without limiting their number. Traders are also attracted by the high speed of operations, an extended list of trading functions, optimization of the productivity of concluded deals.
  • Exness Raw Spread. An account suitable for those who want to consistently obtain low spreads. This type of account offers a minimum fixed commission per lot, prompt execution of orders, no limits on the number of open transactions.
Exness Sign Up - Create an account.

For registration on the trading platform, click the corresponding button. After going to the registration site, a window for filling out will open.

  1. Enter your phone number with the country code.
  2. Specify a valid email address that you will use in working with the trading platform.
  3. Create a password that consists of at least eight characters, including Latin letters and numbers.
  4. Enter the code to activate your personal account, which will be sent to your phone number or email.

Confirmation of Exness Account

After the registration procedure, the user receives an email sent to the specified email. The email contains a link-message from Exness, which you need to click. Clicking the link means confirming the email address. The trader also needs to confirm their identity, in accordance with the company’s policy. For this, you fill out your profile in your account, opening the relevant page, indicating your address and personal information. This one-time document check is necessary to ensure the security of the client and trading operations. After that, you need to read the regulatory documents and accept them by checking the box as consent. Choose the type of protection: by phone number or email address. You will receive a verification code when changing settings and withdrawing funds. Come up with a secret word of 6 characters or more, which may be needed when contacting Exness support.

Access to www Exness com

After verification, the client receives their account details, after which they can start trading, replenish the account. To log in to Exness, access to the site is as follows:

  1. Go to the official site, typing the necessary name in the search bar.
  2. Press the “login” button.
  3. Specify the login and password, email address, connect to the trading account.
  4. In the opened window, enter the data and the server to which the trading account is linked.
  5. Choose the type of trading platform where the account will be opened.
  6. Choose the type of account, currency, maximum leverage.
  7. Set the trading and investor passwords.
Exness Sign In - Login.

After completing all actions, the user enters their personal account, where the terminal and trading functions, transactions, analytics, account balance, and transaction history are available. You can configure the account using three sections.

  • In the “profile” section, personal data about the client are displayed: their name, address, country. The information cannot be used by a third party, as it is only available to the account owner.
  • The “account management” section allows you to open several accounts linked to one account. Accounts are opened under specific trading conditions. The client can come up with a login for each separate account for easier management.
  • The “security” section in the settings allows you to change the password to restrict access to your accounts by third parties. You can set up additional protection using two-factor authentication. If a fraudster tries to access the account, the client’s phone number will receive a notification.

Exness Trading Instruments

The trading platforms provided by the brokerage company offer a wide array of instruments that meet all preferences and strategies of traders. Clients can invest in various groups of assets, engage in currency trading. They get access to different currency pairs without necessarily owning digital assets. The trading opportunities are extensive, allowing traders to adapt to market conditions, apply trading strategies, and achieve set financial goals.


Trading on the Forex Market with Exness

For trading in the Forex market, platforms designed for trading are used. This is a nimble tool that allows users to make responsible and safe deals. Clients are offered one hundred and seven currency pairs, including popular and secondary ones, in various combinations. Forex market trading is a complex method of online earning. It involves many risks, certain experience, and skills. Despite potential risks, the Forex market with broker Exness possesses significant advantages.

  • Convenience for work. Traders can be in any comfortable place for themselves and conduct trades.
  • Anyone can trade. It does not require special education, just enough knowledge obtained through practice or from the Internet.
  • Leverage. The trading platform’s clients are provided with credit money, which can exceed the deposit amount by hundreds of times. Traders can use credit funds without interest and commissions.
  • No overhead costs. Any regular business requires premises for an office, store, or warehouse, fuel expenses, and other costs. Forex trading operations with broker Exness occur online via PC or phone.
  • Flexible work schedule. Traders do not need to go to work every day, staying there for a certain time. And yet, they manage to earn a decent amount in a day, which allows them to enjoy several days of rest. The Forex market operates without weekends, giving the opportunity to trade at any convenient time.
  • Large profits. This is the main advantage of the Forex market with the company Exness, which helps increase initial capital by hundreds and thousands of times. There are many examples where even a beginner trader, having invested a few hundred dollars, raised income to a million.
Forex Market with Exness.


Online Trading of Commodities with Exness

The broker provides a platform for conducting online trading. The profitability of deals is determined by the low level of spreads. Trading in energy resources and metals allows expanding one’s portfolio. These are valuable types of commodities, orders for which the brokerage firm executes at competitive prices. You can make deals on the price fluctuations with such metals as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. The maximum leverage for gold is set at 1:2000. For futures contracts on palladium or platinum, the leverage is one to a hundred.

Traders can make deals on such popular types of energy resources as Brent and WTI oil. Trading futures has the same principle as deals in the Forex market. First, preparation is carried out, technical and fundamental analysis. Then, a deal is opened for the sale or purchase of commodities. The fluctuating rate of the contract can either accelerate profit-making or slow down the process. Futures on energy resources are as well-known financial instruments as currency pairs or stocks.

Commodities with Exness.


Trading Stocks with Exness

With broker Exness, you can trade contracts for the difference in the value of shares of multinational companies. Traders are attracted by the fast execution of orders and dividend payments. Shares are any securities issued by a company to attract investors. Investors, by buying shares, invest in the development of the company and its long-term profit. Shares of large American and European companies are more highly valued.

An investor makes a profitable deal by purchasing securities. But here too there are certain risks, as the value of shares may fall after the purchase, meaning a loss for the investor. The introduction of a contract for difference in prices, CFD, has helped to reduce risks. With their help, traders, owning a small capital, conclude deals on the fluctuation of the market price of shares. Exness offers sufficient leverage of 1:5, which can be used when financial reports of the company are released. Traders can join the trade at any stage, opening deals based on the dynamics of the price decrease or its increase. It is precisely on the change in price charts that online stock trading is based.

Trading Stocks with Exness.


Trading Indices with Exness

An index is a collection of the performance of shares that belong to a certain sector of the economy or market. Calculated as an average value, the index allows traders to make deals with futures or CFDs, speculate on buying and selling financial products tied to assets. Trading indices is often used by beginner traders who do not directly own securities, currency, metals, or energy resources.

Exness offers clients a wide range of trading in stock indices of Japan, Germany, the USA, the UK, and other international indices. The trader chooses an index for trading, determines a strategy, using analysis tools. Indices are a popular trading instrument. They have a low risk of losses, as the trader gets access to an entire basket of assets and futures.

Trading Indices with Exness.


Trading Cryptocurrencies with Exness

In the list of top trading instruments offered by the brokerage company, cryptocurrency is included. Clients can buy and sell bitcoins and other types of digital assets, speculating on their price ratio to fiat currencies or other cryptos. Fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies and the minimal commission set by the broker allow extracting financial benefits from the deal. But it is the high volatility of the price that attracts traders and investors to cryptocurrency. However, trading digital coins is controversial. Its result depends on a sharp fluctuation in price.

Many investors take loans to speculate on its rise or fall. Exness offers maximum leverage, which is 1:400. And this is the largest ratio of borrowed capital to the personal funds of an investor that brokerage companies can offer. Cryptocurrency trading is associated with certain risks. Some traders sell it, others buy it. And if the number of sell orders exceeds the number of buy orders, demand decreases, and the price falls. Conversely, the value of cryptocurrency grows with increasing demand for it.

Trading Crypto with Exness.

An intuitive interface allows hassle-free deposits and withdrawals, doing this through the corresponding section in the personal account. Also, the transactions carried out will be displayed in the account. The user logs into their personal account, selects a payment method from the offered options, specifies the amount and details. The crediting of funds is carried out instantly. When withdrawing, you may have to wait from a few hours to five days. The speed of payout depends on the chosen method and amount. Financial operations can be conducted at any time.

The minimum deposit depends on the chosen type of account: 

  • Standard Cent – from 1 dollar at 0.3 points.
  • Standard account – from 1 dollar.
  • Pro account – from 200 dollars.
  • Zero account – from 200 dollars.
  • Raw Spread account – from 200 dollars.
Exness deposits and withdrawals.

There will be no problems with depositing if you adhere to certain recommendations: 

  • Make sure that verification has been carried out. This is a mandatory condition for carrying out financial operations, related to identity verification by reviewing documents.
  • Data in the payment system must match the information provided during registration. One incorrect character or accidental error can cause a delay in account funding.
  • Take into account the requirements for the minimum deposit, which depends on the account and payment system.

The fundamental factor that determines the size of the commission fee is the type of account. Some types of accounts have no commissions. Traders who have opened a professional or standard account do not pay commissions. Clients of the trading platform who use the zero account or Raw Spread will be charged a commission of 3.5 dollars. The final commission depends on other factors. For example, trading hours, rollover of open positions, country of residence influence it. A fee is charged if a position remains open for more than one day. Exness clients should note that the brokerage company does not charge a commission for depositing or withdrawing money from an account.

The cost of spreads may also vary for different types of accounts: 

  • Standard account – from 0.3.
  • Standard Cent – from 0.3.
  • Pro account – from 0.1.
  • Zero – from 0.
  • Raw Spread account – from 0.
Exness Commissions and Spreads.

Exness Leverage

You don’t have to be an experienced financier to understand a simple truth – the more you invest, the more you get. Every trader wants to earn a large sum with a small investment. And with the brokerage company Exness, this is easy to do. The problem of investors, who do not have a large initial capital, is solved by leverage. What if the minimum size of the position is a thousand dollars, and the trader does not have such an amount? Again, leverage comes to the rescue, which means the ratio of the trader’s personal funds to the total amount borrowed. The broker lends money to the client so that they can make a deal for an amount that exceeds their funds several times. Accordingly, borrowed money gives the opportunity to increase the size of the profit.

Leverage is often determined by the amount. The larger the amount, the smaller the leverage. Not all brokerage firms allow the use of leverage without restrictions. Exness, however, strives to reduce limitations. If a deal made with borrowed money brings profit, the trader returns to the broker the amount they borrowed for operations in the currency market. The net profit remains with the trader. Exness clients can calculate the size of leverage considering their existing capital using a special calculator.

Exness Market Analysis Tools

Successful trading and profit-making largely depend on analysis, the purpose of which is to assess the effectiveness of investment decisions, choose a priority direction in trading, identify trends, and understand the current situation. Exness provides access to various resources and tools for comprehensive analysis. 

Investment Calculator

Investment Calculator

A useful tool for investors who frequently and extensively perform calculations. This program allows quick and easy calculations concerning investments. It is convenient to use, setting parameters of trading positions and obtaining instant results. Making calculations independently, especially with large figures, is quite difficult for people without mathematical abilities. The online investor calculator prevents mistakes, calculates complex interest, and the possibility of high profits.

Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

For every trader, regardless of experience, it is important to have an economic calendar at hand with significant events and news. With its help, expert forecasts are formed, there is an opportunity to respond timely to changes, and be prepared for upcoming events. The calendar compiles lists of important news in the Forex market and global economic events in chronological order. It publishes fundamental data such as the price index, currency value movement, sales. All factors collected in the economic calendar give grounds for building profitable strategies, determining the state of the global market.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Traders frequently carry out transactions and convert one type of currency into another. It makes sense for them to use a special program offered by the Exness trading platform. With it, you can quickly find out the current exchange rate without searching for the necessary information on the Internet. The converter is regularly updated in real-time, so clients can be confident in the relevancy of the data. Using the converter is simple: choose the source currency and the one into which funds are planned to be converted, specify the amount, and press the “calculate” button. The operation is carried out instantly, and the client does not need to perform the calculation themselves.

Tick History

Tick History

An analytical tool for setting up charts is available on Exness trading platforms. This resource provides insights into market trends, helps create strategies for a specific model, and analyze trading behavior.

VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting

The broker provides a service like VPS hosting, which the client does not have to pay for. Traders can connect to a virtual server, using its resources such as computing power, space for data placement, and vast memory capacities. Connection to a remote terminal ensures safe trading and high-speed operation. The server is ready to work, and users do not need to spend time on its setup and connecting options. You only need to place files and set access data. The main advantage of hosting is 24/7 availability, stable connection, complete mobility, and no need to be tied to a single device. You can access your terminal from any computer or smartphone, regardless of geographical location.


Trading WebTV

Currency, commodities, and global stock markets can be learned about from short video clips recorded for WebTV. You won’t have to search for information yourself, scouring news from different sources. All news, as well as trading tips, are recorded at the American stock exchange in a convenient format. 

Why Do Traders Choose Exness?

The choice made by traders in favor of the Exness company is explained by many factors.

Advantages of Exness: 

  • An international broker that provides a good selection of stable trading platforms.
  • A reliable partner for traders, adhering to all conditions and guaranteeing the payout of earned funds.
  • The company is registered and has valid licenses, and its activities in the financial market are regulated by controlling authorities.
  • High speed of the Exness platform.
  • Extensive broker experience, operating in the Forex market since 2008.
  • Favorable conditions for traders, including instant withdrawal of funds and order execution, low commission.
  • Several types of account opening, allowing traders to select them according to their needs. Besides the real account, there is a demo account, useful for both beginners and professionals.
  • Over thirty types of currencies.
  • Trading platforms available in mobile and browser versions.
  • A vast selection of trading instruments.
  • Low level of spreads.
  • Fast execution of transactions.
  • Free hosting for clients whose trading activity is at least two weeks, and who have at least 500 dollars in their deposit.
  • All funds are kept in separate accounts, eliminating the risk of fraud and ensuring reliable protection.


Although reviews about Exness broker are predominantly positive, some clients may note its disadvantages.

  • No multi-currency accounts. This drawback is common to most brokerage companies and is not considered significant, as it does not affect the trading result.
  • Clients may express dissatisfaction with the broker’s work, which is primarily due to the presence of risks in trading. Often traders themselves make mistakes, not carefully reading the conditions of the trading platform, violating discipline, mismanaging capital. Financial losses experienced by the client become a reason to blame the broker for their failures.
  • For certain regions, a limited number of deposit and withdrawal methods are offered; this information can be clarified when registering an account.
Exness online broker.

Before investing, one should be concerned about the security of their capitals. The brokerage company must be under control, which guarantees clients’ investments. Exness is regulated by relevant authorities and has a license, proving its safety. Exness is a verified and registered brokerage company, protecting clients from fraud. Its regulators include:

  • Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Financial Services Authority.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission.

Over the years, the company has earned a special reputation. It can be trusted, receiving quality services. For those for whom a high degree of protection for investments is important, choose Exness broker.

The reputation of a forex broker as a professional in its field is built on the basis of client and expert evaluations. Expert assessments from global authorities are the most important. The company’s work is evaluated by rating agencies, business magazines, and online publications. They publish news related to the financial market and its participants and hold nominations in various awards. These are prestigious awards that Exness Group has managed to win. Let’s highlight the main awards.

  • In 2013, Best Broker according to a well-known British magazine, which awarded the nomination for the best trading conditions.
  • In 2012, best forex broker awarded by an authoritative financial magazine.
  • In 2013, an honorary award for using innovative technologies.

Educational Resources of Exness for Online Trading

The broker offers the opportunity to use educational resources with which one can easily learn the rules of trading. Traders are offered materials for studying the specifics and nuances of online trading. The platform has its own blog, posting articles written by qualified specialists of the company. Receiving information, a beginner trader will understand trading better, getting to grips with strategies and terminologies. Educational tools represent different products available to traders.

  • Academy. Three sections are available to traders. In the first “Basics,” the basic rules of trading are explained. “Development” helps to understand the concept of trading and risk management. The last segment “Breakthrough” explains how to analyze the market and apply skills in trading.
  • Webinars. Exness conducts them online, and everyone can join the current webinar. If a trader missed a webinar, they can familiarize themselves with it on the site.
  • Glossary of specialized terms. Online trading has its own terminology, knowledge of which is necessary for successful operations.

Exness Customer Support

One of the positive aspects of the brokerage firm is the provision of support to traders, divided into several parts.

  • Frequently Asked Questions. The site contains questions that most often interest clients, as well as answers to them. The questions cover all aspects of the trading platform’s operation. Therefore, clients most often find answers to their questions and do not need more detailed interaction with the support service.
  • Telephone contact. If the client did not find what they needed, and the question remained unanswered, they can contact the support service by phone. Specialists communicate in fourteen languages, providing convenient customer support.
  • Virtual assistant and email. Available 24/7, providing support without weekends and breaks.


Exness has established itself as a reliable and stable trading platform. The broker provides ample resources for trading, perfecting technologies, being a safe and transparent trading space. The tools offered to clients help simplify and accelerate trading, ensure stable connections, and uninterrupted operation of the platform. The broker offers over ten languages of support, low commissions and minimum deposits, large leverage, and spreads from zero points.

Traders can choose a suitable account, learn trading, and use copies. The Exness platform is convenient for application, equipped with various resources, including educational, which will help improve trading skills. The list of countries whose citizens can trade with the brokerage firm is quite extensive. Exness operates in different regions – countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Far East, North and South America, as well as in the Pacific region.

FAQs about Exness Broker

It is one of the best brokers, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognitions received by Exness. Among the latest achievements is the title of the best global and world broker, innovative forex broker.

The minimum deposit depends on the type of account and trading account. The least amount is required when opening a standard cent account – from $1 to $10 depending on the region.

The brokerage company offers traders several popular payment system options, including electronic and cryptocurrency wallets, bank transfers, and cards.

Yes. The broker offers the most reliable and convenient trading platforms MT4 and MT5, which attract traders with rich functionality, a clear interface, and ease of use.

To start trading with the brokerage company, you need to register on the official website, create a personal account, open an account, pass verification, and fund the deposit.

The commission paid by the client of the brokerage firm for accounts depends on several factors. For example, the type of account influences the size of the commission, and the country of residence affects the fees. No commission is charged by Exness for depositing and withdrawing funds.

The international company is registered in Cyprus and has two main offices, which are located in the Seychelles.

Social trading refers to a trading practice that allows copying other traders for profitable deals.

Trading platform №1
Trade on the leading MT4/MT5 platform at Exness.