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Exness Social Trading Accounts

Exness Social Trading Accounts

Exness has Social Trading accounts, which are good and easy to start. These accounts give a special trading experience. You can copy the tactics of skilled traders. 

Exness Social Trading accounts are a good choice for traders who want a simple platform with big advantages. 

Making a Social Trading account with Exness is easy. Users can pick from many successful traders to follow, copying their trades. This helps beginners learn and allows pros to make extra money by sharing their tactics.

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How Exness Social Trading Works

How Social Trading Works

Exness Social trading lets people watch and copy the trade moves of expert traders, mixing parts of social media and money matters. Mainly, it lets newbie traders gain from the tried methods of pro investors by copying what they do with their trades. In Exness Social trading, investors put out their trade moves and thoughts, making a teamwork space. Sites give things like score charts and trade numbers, aiding folks to spot top traders to copy. This way grows teaching and the chance to make money, making trade easy for all folks.

Types of Exness Social Trading Accounts

Exness has two key kinds of Social Trading profiles: Standard Accounts and Professional Accounts, for different levels of trading.

Both Standard Accounts and Professional Accounts profiles let people use the good things about social trading, like copying what the best traders do. This way helps newbies learn from pros, while those with more skill can share their plans to earn more.

Exness Social Standard Account

Social Standard Account are easy to use and perfect for those new to trading or who trade just for fun. They need small start-up money, so lots of people can use them. These profiles have clear, easy features, letting folks follow and copy traders who do well. The ease and low cost of Standard Account profiles make them a top pick for newbies in social trading.

Account typeSocial Standard
Minimum depositUSD 500
SpreadRefer to contract specifications
Commission0% – 50% with the increment of 5%
Maximum leverage1:200
InstrumentsForex, Commodities (Metals), Cryptocurrencies
Minimum lot size0.01
Maximum number of positions100
Hedged margin0%
Margin call30%
Stop out0%
Order executionMarket

Exness Social Pro Account

Social Pro Account are for seasoned traders who want more complex features and smaller price differences. These profiles ask for more money to start but let you change more things. Pro Accounts are the best for traders who aim to use their trading plans fully and get better trading terms.

Account typeSocial Pro
Minimum depositUSD 500
SpreadRefer to contract specifications
Commission0% – 50% with the increment of 5%
Maximum leverage1:200
InstrumentsForex, Commodities (Metals), Cryptocurrencies
Minimum lot size0.01
Maximum number of positions100
Hedged margin0%
Margin call60%
Stop out0%
Order executionInstant (Forex, Commodities (Metals)Market (Cryptocurrencies)

Difference Standart Account and Pro Account Type Requirements 

When picking a plan account, think about these points:

  • Both Social Standard and Social Pro accounts need at least $500 as the starting sum in one go.
  • To hold on to the plan for others to copy, money must not fall under $100 for Social Standard and $400 for Social Pro. If money goes below these, brokers can just look but not copy.
  • Social Pro plans kick off when cash hits $2,000, from putting in more or making gains.
Exness Social accounts
  1. Trading Strategies. Users can create and share their own trading strategies, allowing others to follow and copy their trades.
  2. Performance Metrics. The platform provides detailed performance metrics for each strategy, helping traders showcase their success.
  3. Communication Channels. Exness offers communication channels for traders to share insights and updates with their followers.
  4. Leaderboards. The platform features leaderboards, highlighting top traders and helping them gain visibility.
  1. User-Friendly Interface. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for traders to set up and manage their strategies.
  1. Customizable Settings. Traders can customize their account settings to match their preferences and needs, enhancing their trading experience.
Exness Social Trading Platform Mobile

Exploring Others’ Strategies on Exness Social Trading

On the Exness Social Trading platform, you can explore and follow strategies from experienced traders. This feature enables you to observe successful trading patterns and even copy trades automatically. By assessing detailed performance metrics and historical data, you can choose a strategy that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Strategies on Exness Social Trading

How to Open an Investment Account for Copy Trading?

Opening an investment account for copy trading with Exness is straightforward. The process allows you to follow and mimic successful traders. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Register. Sign up on the Exness website using your email and a secure password.
  2. Verify Your Account. Complete the identity verification process for added security.
  3. Open an Investment Account. Create an investment account specifically for copy trading.
  4. Explore Strategies. Browse available strategies and select those that fit your investment style.
  5. Allocate Funds. Allocate funds to your chosen strategies and start copying trades automatically.

How Does Copying Work?

Copying on a social trading platform like Exness involves replicating the trades of experienced traders. Users can select a trader whose strategy aligns with their goals and automatically mimic their trades. The process is straightforward and enables novice traders to benefit from the expertise of professionals.

By copying, users essentially link their investment accounts to a seasoned trader’s account. When the trader makes a move, the same trade is mirrored in the user’s account. This setup allows less experienced traders to learn and profit while more experienced traders can earn commissions for being followed.

  1. Start Copying Without Open Trades
    If a strategy begins with no open trades, a copying coefficient is set. When the strategy provider opens a trade, it’s copied to the investment account at the same price.
  2. Start Copying With Open Trades
    If a strategy has open trades, a copying coefficient is set differently to account for the spread cost of these trades.
    • Open trades are copied to the investment account.
    • If the market is open, orders are copied at the current market price, which may differ from the strategy provider’s opening price.
    • If the market is closed and will reopen in over 3 hours, orders are copied at the last market price.
    • If less than 3 hours until market reopening, copying isn’t available until the market opens.
  3. Stop Copying Without Open Trades
    If no open trades exist, stopping copying closes the investment. The system calculates and sends the commission to the strategy provider at the end of the trading period, while transferring funds from the investment balance to the investor’s wallet.
  4. Stop Copying With Open Trades
    If trades are open, stopping copying closes them at the current market price. The system calculates and sends the commission to the strategy provider at the end of the trading period, while transferring funds to the investor’s wallet.
  5. Subsequent Copying After Investment
    When the strategy provider opens or closes new trades, they’re copied to the investment account at the same price. The actual copying coefficient is updated based on the copy ratio formula.
Exness Accounts

Using The Exness Social Trading App

The Exness Social Trading app offers a convenient way for traders to participate in social trading on the go. The app provides an intuitive interface, making it easy to follow and copy experienced traders. With this mobile platform, users can monitor their investments, access market insights, and stay updated on their chosen traders’ performance.

Exness Social Trading App

The app’s user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience, even for beginners. It provides real-time updates and detailed analytics, enabling users to make informed decisions. Additionally, the app allows users to customize their settings, catering to their individual trading needs.

Key features of the Exness Social Trading app include:

  • Intuitive Interface. The app is designed for ease of use, making it accessible for traders of all levels.
  • Real-Time Updates. Users receive instant notifications on market changes and trader activities.
  • Detailed Analytics. The app provides performance metrics and historical data for informed decision-making.
  • Customizable Settings. Users can personalize their trading experience through various settings.

Trading Reliability Level in Exness Social Trading

In Exness Social Trading, the trading reliability level is a key indicator of a trader’s consistency and risk management skills. This level helps users identify traders who maintain stable performance over time, providing a measure of confidence in their strategies. Reliability is crucial because it ensures that users are following traders who align with their risk tolerance and investment goals.

The reliability level is based on factors like trade consistency, drawdowns, and overall performance. Exness uses this level to categorize traders, making it easier for users to select those who match their preferences. The transparency provided by this reliability metric allows users to make informed decisions when copying trades.

Basic aspects of the trading reliability level include:

  • Consistency. The level reflects how consistently a trader performs, indicating their stability over time.
  • Risk Management. It assesses how well a trader manages risks, ensuring users follow those with sound strategies.
  • Performance. The level considers overall performance, helping users identify successful traders to follow.
Exness Social Trading


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